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Ending the TB Epidemic Mandy Slutsker

New WHO Report Exposes Disturbing Gaps in Treatment of Drug-Resistant TB

Posted by Mandy Slutsker on Oct 22, 2014  | 

New numbers from the WHO show that 39,000 people diagnosed with drug-resistant TB are on waiting lists to get life-saving drugs – the first time such a waiting list number has been released. Read More

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Investing in Nutrition Kate Goertzen

Civil society demands an equal seat at the table—but they shouldn’t have to

Posted by Kate Goertzen on Oct 16, 2014  | 

This Fall is an especially important time for setting ambitious goals on nutrition—and holding actors accountable for promises made over the last year and a half. Read More

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Investing in Nutrition

Climate Change Could Reverse Progress on Child Nutrition

Posted by RESULTS UK on Sep 22, 2014  | 

Yesterday I marched with over 300,000 people in New York, protesting against the weak global response against climate change so far. But why was I marching on an environmental issue when my work is to manage health and nutrition advocacy? Read More

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Ending the TB EpidemicInvesting in NutritionThe Power of Vaccines

Global leaders arrive in New York – can they make progress on a new set of development goals?

Posted by RESULTS UK on Sep 19, 2014  | 

From Monday onwards, Presidents and Prime Ministers will arrive in New York City for the annual United Nations General Assembly (UNGA). Among the issues they will grapple with is how to make progress on fixing a new set of development goals. Read More

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