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The Power of Vaccines

Imagine a world without Polio

Posted by RESULTS UK on Apr 30, 2015  | 

Until a few short months ago, I was a solicitor, working in a busy London law firm. I knew very little about polio but I did know that I had been immunised against it as a child. Read More

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The Power of Vaccines

In the Fight Against the World’s Deadliest Diseases, It’s Time to Take the Next Step

Posted by RESULTS Canada on Apr 29, 2015  | 

Let’s not make the eradication of smallpox a once in a lifetime anomaly. Let’s repeat this grand success and continue to eliminate vaccine preventable diseases as well as protect against those that are here to stay. Read More

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The Power of Vaccines

Measles: From Washington to Lagos via Berlin - no passport required

Posted by GHA France on Apr 28, 2015  | 

Measles moves fast. The highly contagious virus can strike anywhere at any time, be it in Nigerian refugee camps or California’s Disneyland Read More

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Committed to Vaccinations

Posted by RESULTS Australia on Apr 27, 2015  | 

In a number of Australian suburbs, vaccination rates are starting to drop below that 90% mark because parents are choosing not to vaccinate. By comparison, in Papua New Guinea the vaccination rate for measles in 2013 was 70%. In PNG immunisation is not an option for every family Read More

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